great people, great place, great wine

great people
great place
great wine

At Soaked Winery, we pride ourselves in quality small batch wine production. We offer a wide variety of award winning wines. Our atmosphere is friendly and fun, and our guests love our quaint country location.

The Winemaker

Shannon Birosik graduated from Delaware Valley College in 2000 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Food Science. She then began working for Just Born Inc. and quickly found her niche in product development on the Peeps Brand. Shannon loves creating new products to share with people for their enjoyment.

While her career was fruitful, her desire to own her own business was always burning. She was an at home winemaker for many years, and in 2014 decided it was time to go bigger, in search of career that would allow more time for her family. A career that would allow her to share the fruits of her hard work with her children. Soaked Wines is truly a family business. You never know who in the family you will find working in the winery. There’s no “corporate policy” at Soaked!